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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

 Week 2 : Journal entry #1

Muhammad Tamim Faruq Bin Khairul 'Azmi

In your opinion what media discovery or invention has made the greatest impact on society today?

    In my opinion, the invention of internet has made the greatest impact on society today. Thanks to the internet inventors, Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf. And also to Tim Berners Lee for inventing the “World Wide Web”. Without them we wouldn’t have internet or the world wide web today. 

   Internet has become one of the most important things in our lives. It has come to the standard that we can’t even live or work without internet in our daily lives. Some companies or business agencies could not even function. And most of them would face major loss in their company if there is an internet failure. 

   While teenagers nowadays could not even socialize without internet. They require internet in almost everything. For entertainment, socializing, and etc. People can watch and download movies, applications, and games from the internet.

   People now can communicate easily within seconds even between long distance through email, chats, voice chats, and many more online social platforms such as Facebook, twitter and etc. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog Topic Week 6 : Mortar & Pestle Mind Map.


Last week, we were all given a piece of white A3 sized paper for us to draw a mind map. What was the mind map about? Bare with me, let’s find out….

The lecturer asked us to draw a mind map about mortar & pestle. What do we do with it? We had to imagine, if we were in the future around the year 20012 if I’m not mistaken, mortar and pestle would never exist at that time. Probably replaced by something much more modern than a blender. I wonder what could it be… hmmm…. Anyway, let’s say in the future, suddenly I was the world renowned archaeologist who was luckily have dug up a mortar and pestle out of an archaeology site somewhere in the world, and sadly I never knew what was its use in the past. Well of course I knew what it is used for…. Sambal belacan… bashing udang kering and bla bla… but in this scenario, I never knew what it is for. Reporters, scientists and people of the world are inquiring about its use, so I had to come up with anything I can. Because a famous archaeologist can’t just say he doesn’t know in front of the worldwide media…. Well in reality it is wrong… but for this assignment it’s acceptable… Anyway…. Back to our scenario…

So, when the journalist asked me, what was it used for? I came up with some ideas by doing a mind map of the possibilities of its use… And there were a few out of hundreds of reasons I can give.

#1     In the past, people love to duel like in most cartoons and anime. Therefore, in a duel they used it as weapons and protective gears. The mortar can be used as a protective helmet for head protection. And the pestle can be used as a throwing weapon to throw at your enemies. It can also be used to whack off enemy’s head off if you are in a threatened situation.

#2     In certain ages, mortar and pestle was used as a currency. People used it as money to pay for things. For food and anything they could buy or trade. It used to be as valuable as gold. Maybe the value of one mortar can be RM10. And one pestle can be RM5 as it is smaller. Perhaps the currency at that time was called (MR) instead of (RM)..... (RM) is Ringgit Malaysia… but (MR) was Mortar Ringgit… back in the days people would say, hey dude… how much is this bike? Owh that bike is only fifty Mortar Ringgit….

#3     Mortar and pestle was also used by married couples. Usually the wife would sit and used the mortar to put her foot on it as a stool. Then the husband would use the pestle to massage his wife’s foot.

Well, so that was our assignment… might be a bit weird, but our lecturer once said, nothing is weird… it is just interesting…

Muhammad Tamim Faruq Bin Khairul 'Azmi.